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Q- Is there anything I’m supposed to do before an appointment?
A- Yes, everyone before any service should exfoliate with a good exfoliant 24-48hrs before their service. DO NOT exfoliate day of as you can irritate the skin with over exfoliation with the waxing or sugaring process.


Q- How often should I come get waxed?
A- Everyone is different. Brazilians/full body 3-5 weeks depending on your hair growth and how much you hate seeing any hair there. Brows typically every 2-4 weeks. If you come regularly your hair will slow down at some point and you can start stretching the time long and longer in-between. I suggest starting no longer than 3-4 weeks for any service.


Q- Does it hurt?
A- First time? Yes, but its bearable and I will help you every step of the way. If you keep up with it in a timely manner it gets easier, I PROMISE. Each time you come will hurt less and less. The longer you wait it’s like starting all over again!!


Q- How long does waxing take?
A- I am not a wham bam done waxer. My brow waxing service is that a service. I from start to finish perfect your brows per our discussion. So, my brows take 20-30 minutes. Legs take 25-45 min if its partial or full legs. Underarms typically take 10 min. Brazilians 15-25 minutes. Back wax or chest 25-45 minutes. Everything depends on the amount of hair and any other personal factors that may have to be taken into consideration.


Q- Will my hair grow back thicker?
A- NO! This is a myth. Your hair will actually grow back thinner and softer than before.


Q- Is there any reason I couldn’t get waxed?
A- Yes, “Some physicians do not recommend waxing for those with diabetes or who have varicose veins or poor circulation as they are more susceptible to infection. Waxing is never done on clients taking Accutane and is not recommended for clients using Retin A, Renova, Differin or other types of skin thinning acne medications. Please read the label carefully and consult your dermatologist if you are taking any medication or using any topical cream that contains these medications. Individuals do react differently to these medications and sometimes waxing can be done if proper patch testing is completed. This is why I have you fill out a form before we get into your waxing service.

Q- Is it okay if I have make-up on when I come for my face wax?
A- Yes, I will be happy to help clean it off before I wax.


Q- What if I’m a heavy sweater can I still get waxed?
A- Yes! It makes it a little bit more challenging regardless of the kind of wax you use but I will make it happen. I might take a bit more time so please let me know if you overly sweat.


Q- I have eczema or psoriasis can I still get waxed?
A- Yes! If you have a skin condition like this I suggest sugaring because it won’t adhere to the skin and will actually help exfoliate your skin which over time will help improve your skin condition.


Q- what am I supposed to do after getting waxed.
A- Dos and Don’ts is a great question! Nothing with heat. No saunas, hot tubs, hot showers, sunbathing, exercise as these things promote sweating and your pores are open and trying to heal. This will open the door for small white pimples, ingrown hairs and even infections.
B- No sex for 24hrs as this can also open the door for bacteria
C- Do not exfoliate again for 48hrs.
D- No self-tanner for 48hrs
E- Tight clothing as it doesn’t let the area breath which could create sweating.


Q- What aftercare can I do at home?
A- Keep up with your exfoliation is KEY. 2-3 times a week you should exfoliate. This will help tremendously with ingrown hairs.

B- Use an ingrown hair oil post exfoliating and finish off with a hydrating skin cream.


Most importantly, RELAX! Getting waxed doesn’t have to be an anxious endeavor. I try to create a spa like environment where I work with you to make it as comfortable as possible. I’m here for you with no judgment. So, come get smooth because waxing just got a little bit sweeter.


What is sugaring? 

Sugaring dates back to ancient Egypt where women needed to be hairless before marriage so they created sugaring (lemon juice, sugar and water) as their method to remove the body hair. It will never adhere to live skin cells like wax it only adhered to dead skin cells and because of this is more exfoliating and easier on the skin. It’s never hot so you will never be burned and it’s all natural even edible! It’s great for all skin types and even people with eczema or psoriasis. 

What is high frequency?

A high frequency vagacial is a treatment that helps kill the bacteria in ingrown or acne that can occur with hair removal.  It also helps with discoloration. Enriched oxygen molecules are produced and creat anti-bacterial action which helps the cells turn over and feed our bodies natural collagen as well as dry out and diminish ingrowns and acne. This is not for everyone though. If you have any of the following issues then this is not for you. 

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Pregnancy

  • Epilepsy

  • Inflamed Skin

  • Pacemakers

  • Braces

  • Heart Conditions

With Love,
Perfect Peach Waxing

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