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Hard Wax

Brows 30


Brow and Lip 35

Lip 15
Chin 15
Under arms 30
Full face 45
Partial Arms 45
Full arms 55
Chest 45
Back 65
Bikini 40
Full Brazilian (women only) 65
Partial Leg 50
Full Legs 75
Full Body 240
Toes and Fingers 10
Brow Tinting 20
Brow Lamination 85
Brow Tint & Lamination 100
Brow Henna 40
Lash lift 120

Vagacial 50

High frequency Therapy for Ingrowns 15

Ears 15

Nose 15

Full Butt 20

Hungarian Mud mask

30 for bikini

80 for full body

Sea Salt Full Body Scrub 85


Perfect Peach Wash (full body) 160 for both

* $10 discount for every client that you refer

** Birthday discounts / whatever age you are turning


Loyal Peach Program

I created the Loyal Peach for those really looking to achieve permanent hair reduction. In order to do that and over time start to be able to space out your services you need to stay on top of your sugaring and come every 3-4 weeks no fail. The longer you go the more the follicles tell themselves to keep producing hair. The more we stay on top of not letting the hair activate the less its triggered and those hairs just start to die off.


Loyal Peach chin 10
Loyal Peach Lip 10
Loyal Peach underarms 20
Loyal Peach chest 35
Loyal Peach Back 50
Loyal Peach Brazilian (women only) 55
Loyal Peach full Legs 65
Loyal Peach Half Legs 40
Loyal Peach arms 40
Loyal Peach partial arm is 35

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